How do I start blogging again today after months of radio silence!?!? I suppose I should start by just jumping right in to the interwebs and expressing my thoughts!

Thoughts eh? Hmmm.

I got nothing at the moment.

But I suppose I can say where Ive been these past few months. For one, I became an Auntie to the cutest little munchkin known to this planet (I cannot confirm nor deny that there are cuter beings from other galaxies). Did I mention I became more nerdy?

IMG_9428I have been working. Alot.

And I havent been in the kitchen very much. Between my working hours and my boyfriends schedule, we barely share a meal together! But that is going to change. I miss the comfort of creating a meal, sitting at the table, and just talking. As opposed to our new routine of watching jeopordy episodes while eating pizza on the couch. (Hi Ry!)


So it begins the new chapter of my blogging life. Second year of residency, the year of being an Auntie, and hopefully much more!!!