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Im back!


How do I start blogging again today after months of radio silence!?!? I suppose I should start by just jumping right in to the interwebs and expressing my thoughts!

Thoughts eh? Hmmm.

I got nothing at the moment.

But I suppose I can say where Ive been these past few months. For one, I became an Auntie to the cutest little munchkin known to this planet (I cannot confirm nor deny that there are cuter beings from other galaxies). Did I mention I became more nerdy?

IMG_9428I have been working. Alot.

And I havent been in the kitchen very much. Between my working hours and my boyfriends schedule, we barely share a meal together! But that is going to change. I miss the comfort of creating a meal, sitting at the table, and just talking. As opposed to our new routine of watching jeopordy episodes while eating pizza on the couch. (Hi Ry!)


So it begins the new chapter of my blogging life. Second year of residency, the year of being an Auntie, and hopefully much more!!!

Maine in Pictures

This year we took a mini vacation to New Hampshire and Maine our first time in that area! I enjoyed MULTIPLE lobster rolls and clam chowder which was balanced off by us walking around the cute little beach towns we visited. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the places we visited. Note how there are no food pics I devoured my meals before I could take any nice pictures of themoopsie.



Feeling Good with Jennie Week 2

Another week has gone by, and more awkward moments have happened. The classic dropping your pager in a toilet, the sneeze into your elbow but oops theres some mucous now on your shirt and of course who can forget vomiting at the gym after 30 minutes of working out. And there you have it. Not suave.

This calls for some good old fashioned goodness from what my boyfriend calls the interweb. I think hes kidding when he says that isnt this the internet?

Picture 18

Watch: I am a child. I laugh every single time I see this video, and I have seen it alot! Please do yourself the favor of watching it!

Picture 14

     Read: Are you that awkward girl in the corner of the room with guacamole on her face? Do you think that is the worst moment ever? Then please, read this and just feel better!

Picture 9 Eat: I cant even use words to describe this unreal looking dessert. Or breakfast. You can always count on Joy the Baker to make something this good!

Picture 8 Listen: Whats been playing on my ipod lately is John Mayers Slow Dancing in  burning Room. An oldie, but a great song to belt out in the car with people staring at your hand gesturing. Dont Judge me.

Feeling Good with Jennie Week 1

Feeling good with Jennie sounds a bit awkward I think. Maybe a bit inappropriate. But this series is really based on one thing I feel really strongly about still smiling after a rough day. And it aint easy!

Exhibit A: The other day while visiting my parents with my boyfriend, I was sick with a cold, tired and totally cranky. I just was not in the mood for human interaction and it showed! As I was leaving the house with my boyfriend with what I assume must have been some form of a scowl on my face, my mother yelled to him  Tag! your it. No touch backs! I mean that is LOL worthy, but I think I just hissed at her (and him) and escaped into the night.

We all have moments in the day or week that just become a bit too much, and you can either implode with self misery or try and perk up! While I obviously have some evil moments (*cough they are rare cough*) I try and feel better by blasting music really loudly, dancing like a fool, singing at the top of my lungs, laughing loudly and even doing some retail therapy. And then I feel SO much better and less evil. Usually.

So I wanted to share the things on the interweb that can be therapeutic in healing  a tough day, or just tofeel good!

Picture 9 Eat: Fries. Hot Sauce. Cheese. What will make you feel better in that moment than these Crispy buffalo fries? Unless your the type to feel even worse if you eat this type of foodyou know who you are.

Picture 14

    Read:  25 things that get harder after age 25. While they are all so true my fave is not being able to pull   off a graphic tee definitely too old to rock that  Rub my Belly for Good Luck t-shirt to work. It is a great read!

Picture 10

 Wear: I am a Canadian girl and wearing Roots clothing brings 2 types of comfort: Nostalgia and cozziness. I grew up wearing these sweatshirts/sweatpants (even sporting a classy sweatsuit!) and theyve brought back their old school logos and cottony goodness. This has been my go to lazy day shirt.

Picture 18Watch: The most awesome video ever! Orthodox Jews perform a Rosh Hashana version of Daft Punks Get lucky. There is dancing. There is singing. And yes, there is a shofar! Tekiyah! Happy new year!

Fave Pics of 2012

With the end of the year around the corner, I was going through my computer seeing what I can get rid of, virtually of course. The stacks of papers in real life just never go anywhere.

While going through it all, I ended up finding all my pics of 2012, and decided to post my favorite pictures of the year. Not surprisingly, most are from the summer time. Hopefully this year Ill have some time in winter to enjoy the outdoors and get some good shots of our canadian winter.

Halloweens Coming!

Halloween is a few weeks away, and I am ready to head back to Montreal and get my pumpkin hat on. Since I dont have much exciting home cooked food here in Toronto and with trick or treatin around the corner, I thought Id share some of my favorite parts of the ghoulish holiday.

1. Halloween Party Decor: Ive always wanted to throw an adult halloween party with awesome dessert and decor.

Amy Atlas dessert party:

2. Hysterical Haunted houses and their hidden cameras– pics from a haunted house in Niagra Fall, CANADA!

Seeing scared people is hysterical. Point finale.

3. ZOMBIES! You should always be prepared

Especially if you work in hospitals. Think my stethoscope will save me?

4. We get to see Bette Middler with buck teeth! (obviously from the best movie HOCUS POCUS!)

My teeth do that too when I think really hard so thankful for face masks in the operating room. Otherwise

A must see!

Hopefully Ill have the chance to whip up some halloween treats in my new kitchen in a few weeks! My boyfriend should get his calm hat on with all the flour that will be flying in our kitchen! *Cackle*

– Jennie

New City, New food store!

Its the fall season, and you can spot me in my fave leather jacket and boots my favorite gear I wish I can wear year-round. And earmuffs, wish I could sport those too 24/7, theyre just so cozy! If you do spot me though, it would likely be in the small town of Toronto. Best part about it so far is that I found the most awesome Loblaws ever! weehaw!

Soit seems like I havent posted many recipes in a while, and it may be a little bit longer until I can get fully started again. Not only am I in a different city/kitchen for a bit, Im also in the middle of moving. So half my kitchen things are either at my new place, in a box or waiting to be packed. Its madness I tell ya, pure madness!  EEEE

So here is just a few things that Ive made but havent posted.

Shrimp and Pesto Pasta

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Quinoa, Sweet Potato, Kale and Feta Salad

Soon there will be some more recipes Brought to you by a different kitchen or two. If you have any suggestions for a good meal in TO, give me some info!

– Jennie