Halloween is a few weeks away, and I am ready to head back to Montreal and get my pumpkin hat on. Since I dont have much exciting home cooked food here in Toronto and with trick or treatin around the corner, I thought Id share some of my favorite parts of the ghoulish holiday.

1. Halloween Party Decor: Ive always wanted to throw an adult halloween party with awesome dessert and decor.

Amy Atlas dessert party:

2. Hysterical Haunted houses and their hidden cameras– pics from a haunted house in Niagra Fall, CANADA!

Seeing scared people is hysterical. Point finale.

3. ZOMBIES! You should always be prepared

Especially if you work in hospitals. Think my stethoscope will save me?

4. We get to see Bette Middler with buck teeth! (obviously from the best movie HOCUS POCUS!)

My teeth do that too when I think really hard so thankful for face masks in the operating room. Otherwise

A must see!

Hopefully Ill have the chance to whip up some halloween treats in my new kitchen in a few weeks! My boyfriend should get his calm hat on with all the flour that will be flying in our kitchen! *Cackle*

– Jennie

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