Another week has gone by, and more awkward moments have happened. The classic dropping your pager in a toilet, the sneeze into your elbow but oops theres some mucous now on your shirt and of course who can forget vomiting at the gym after 30 minutes of working out. And there you have it. Not suave.

This calls for some good old fashioned goodness from what my boyfriend calls the interweb. I think hes kidding when he says that isnt this the internet?

Picture 18

Watch: I am a child. I laugh every single time I see this video, and I have seen it alot! Please do yourself the favor of watching it!

Picture 14

     Read: Are you that awkward girl in the corner of the room with guacamole on her face? Do you think that is the worst moment ever? Then please, read this and just feel better!

Picture 9 Eat: I cant even use words to describe this unreal looking dessert. Or breakfast. You can always count on Joy the Baker to make something this good!

Picture 8 Listen: Whats been playing on my ipod lately is John Mayers Slow Dancing in  burning Room. An oldie, but a great song to belt out in the car with people staring at your hand gesturing. Dont Judge me.

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