I am finishing up a month in palliative care, which is a tough  place to work. Every morning Im unsure which patient will still be there, and to be honest, Im looking forward to moving on to my next rotation. In the meantime, I come home with a restless mind and try and decompress. That can mean cooking, or working out or just completely vegging out.

Here are some of my fave links that have perked me up a bit this week!

Picture 18 Watch: This video actually made me laugh out loud!! Im a sucker for 90s music, but this video is hysterical regardless!

Picture 14

       Read: Nothing makes a gal feel better than seeing cats do hysterical things. I dont even like cats. Maybe thats why I find this so funny! Muahahha!

Picture 10

   Wear: These pjs are just the bomb! They may seem totally uncool, but Ryan Gosling wears them sigh

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