I think that childhood book Goodnight Moon gave me a false sense of security. Seeing as how I start residency July 1st (Canada Day woot! woot!), I should be more prepared for something like Hello Moon we meet again. Farewell sunshine, I will be ghostly pale for the next little while. There should be a new book called  Lady of the Night. Or maybe not. But something like that.

Argh. Lets forget about what will be in a few days and focus on The Now. I have gotten totally into my blogging and cooking and picturing during my vacation and I ended up on a few awesome sites. Check them out here:

1) My watermelon salad on The Glitter Guide

2) My Juicy Turkey Burgers on The Berry 

3) My own facebook page! WOOHOO

And As Usual here are the lost posts that never quite made it to the site because I do not like my pictures when they are not taken during the day. I have not mastered the No Natural Light look. Unfortunately, Its something Im going to have to master any day now lol!

Uber Cheesy Mac N Cheesemac n cheeseCaprese Salad Bitescaprese bitesStrawberry Rhubarb Cobblerstrawberry and rhubarb cobblerPecan Pie Bars

pecan pie barsHope you all have a great weekend, and of course Canada Day! OH CANADA!

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