Feeling good with Jennie sounds a bit awkward I think. Maybe a bit inappropriate. But this series is really based on one thing I feel really strongly about still smiling after a rough day. And it aint easy!

Exhibit A: The other day while visiting my parents with my boyfriend, I was sick with a cold, tired and totally cranky. I just was not in the mood for human interaction and it showed! As I was leaving the house with my boyfriend with what I assume must have been some form of a scowl on my face, my mother yelled to him  Tag! your it. No touch backs! I mean that is LOL worthy, but I think I just hissed at her (and him) and escaped into the night.

We all have moments in the day or week that just become a bit too much, and you can either implode with self misery or try and perk up! While I obviously have some evil moments (*cough they are rare cough*) I try and feel better by blasting music really loudly, dancing like a fool, singing at the top of my lungs, laughing loudly and even doing some retail therapy. And then I feel SO much better and less evil. Usually.

So I wanted to share the things on the interweb that can be therapeutic in healing  a tough day, or just tofeel good!

Picture 9 Eat: Fries. Hot Sauce. Cheese. What will make you feel better in that moment than these Crispy buffalo fries? Unless your the type to feel even worse if you eat this type of foodyou know who you are.

Picture 14

    Read:  25 things that get harder after age 25. While they are all so true my fave is not being able to pull   off a graphic tee definitely too old to rock that  Rub my Belly for Good Luck t-shirt to work. It is a great read!

Picture 10

 Wear: I am a Canadian girl and wearing Roots clothing brings 2 types of comfort: Nostalgia and cozziness. I grew up wearing these sweatshirts/sweatpants (even sporting a classy sweatsuit!) and theyve brought back their old school logos and cottony goodness. This has been my go to lazy day shirt.

Picture 18Watch: The most awesome video ever! Orthodox Jews perform a Rosh Hashana version of Daft Punks Get lucky. There is dancing. There is singing. And yes, there is a shofar! Tekiyah! Happy new year!

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